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Web-based simplicity. Schedules and plans, instructions, reminders and results by email and securely on-line. Results available immediately when rounds close. Total confidentiality. ISO statistical methods


Sample Homogeneity

Bika PT samples go through rigorous homogeneity testing before distribution. PTS co-ordinators create testing rounds on-line and the system informs members via email, providing relevant information about the sample matrix, distribution and closing date.

Inter-laboratory Proficiency Testing. Bika PT web-based workflow diagram


The highest degree of participant privacy is maintained. Sample preparation staff, though their actions are logged in the system, never get to see results or participant information.

Users authorised and logged on see their own results and statistical parameters only. Full round data tables are depersonalised. Bika PT security is backed by that of the highly secure Plone framework Bika Interlab was developed in, trusted by many governments and security agencies.

Sample Distribution

Where samples need to be couriered it is administered in the system with on-line tracking. Participants may arrange their own collection. 

On arrival, samples are checked in as received in Bika PT on-line. Ditto for results after analysis. You will receive a reminder email 3 days before the round closes.

Immediate Turnaround

The system offers immediate turn-around to participants. When the testing round closes, robust comparative statistics and performance indicators, e.g. average and standard deviation by ISO 13528 Algorithm A, are available on-line, graphically via distribution curves, method comparisons and chronological Z-value plots. Your laboratory also receives results per email and it remains archived on-line.

Performance Ranking

Participating labs' performances are used to calculate scores per analysis round to determine and display a list of top 5 performers. Labs not in the top 5 see their own ranking and score in addition to the list.

Rank your lab!
Without the test it is just a guess

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