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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enrol my laboratory in a program at any time or must we wait until the beginning of the year?
Your laboratory can participate in any of our programs, at any time and be set up for the next distribution of samples. We only require you to enrol in a program at least 30 days prior to distribution. Registration

How are results submitted?
A secure and confidential website has been designed where you log in using a secure password and you then submit your results. You will also receive your reports electronically. INSTANT turnaround!  Receiving a Sample and Capturing Results

Can my laboratory enrol for less than a full year’s membership?
Yes, you can enrol in as many rounds as your lab requires. Fee structure

How long does my laboratory have to complete the analysis?
It depends on the type of round. Most testing rounds have two weeks from shipment date to complete analysis and submit results. You will receive a reminder email before the deadline.

What is Bika Interlab?
Bika Interlab is the web based software used by Bika PT the organisation. Bika Interlab has been in production at SAWLA since 2007.


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